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How long does it take for a boat to be built?

Rabco again made history in 1987 when it began constructing hull molds of direct fiberglass. These vessels were known for their speed, agility and performance. Rabco was fast becoming an icon in the boating industry, consistently providing a solid boat with a reputation for customer service and affordability.

Can we come to the factory and see the boat being built?

Yes, we have customers schedule a time to come see their boat and get an update all the time. Reach out to us now to get that scheduled!

How much foam do you use on your boats?

Boston Whalers and Carolina Skiffs were famous for filling spaces underneath the deck with closed cell foam. This provides flotation for a boat if it ever sank. The belief being a large wave or something similar coming into the boat wouldn’t cause the boat to dive down to the deeps. It would, in fact, float a few inches under the water line. You could sit in the boat and wait for rescue/sea tow. We do this same thing PLUS we’ve added two foam flotation boxes to the rear of the boat to add even more flotation.

Do the boats use wood or composite in the construction of the boats?

We use ALL Composite construction. Our goal is to build boats that LAST. Using wood in the construction of the boats is the opposite of that. Reach out to hear more about the construction of our boats!