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Why should I choose Rabco for my boating needs?

If you are looking for a precision-built, high-quality bespoke skiff boat, Rabco is the best option available. With a focus on building skiff boats only, Rabco offers unmatched knowledge and commitment to each project. The continuous dedication of Rabco to creating boats that not only satisfy but also surpass each...

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The Top Questions Boat Buyers Should Ask

We’ve been there: you’re on the hunt for that perfect boat that checks off all the boxes important to you. It’s easy to fall in love with a sleek, well-designed hull or hand-laid construction, but keep your eye on the prize. Some of the top questions boat buyers should ask...

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Marine Insurance Options to Consider

Congratulations, boat owner – that gorgeous boat is yours! You’re nearly ready to head out on the water. Before the maiden voyage, protect your vessel and the passengers who’ll join you on adventures. Electing the proper marine insurance will give you and those passengers peace of mind. The best way...

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Boat Shopping Cheat Sheet

As with every purchase in life, it helps to know what is most important to you before beginning to browse. It’s all too easy to look at your neighbor’s shiny new vessel and think, I want exactly that! Don’t come to that conclusion without thoroughly examining what you really require...

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Advantages of a Center Console

There’s something so balanced about a boat that features a center console. The craft has a central point and a certain flow to the design; major components are situated in a single spot that’s pleasing to the eye. This console configuration is more than just a pretty face, though. Read...

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